"choir piece'"

This sunday 13/1/'19

at MDD (museum Dhondt-Dhaenens)
Museumlaan 14
B-9831 Deurle
T +32 (0)9-330 17 30

Felix Kindermann , concept and text
Natalie Dietterich , composer
Florian Fischer, choreographer

→ In staging the choir Ghent Singers as a moving sculpture, Felix Kindermann's "Choir Piece" questions our relationship with the term togetherness, mirroring today's Zeitgeist along with its societal distortions. Through rearrangement, fragmentation, and techniques of acoustic distortion, the work creates a feeling of alienation, destabilizing the interrelated appearance and effect of the choir as a familiar cultural asset, blurring the lines which are dissolved through the play with essential opposites like harmony and disharmony, the individual and the collective.

American composer Natalie Dietterich’s commissioned score “Composition for Separated Musicians” applies Kindermann's far reaching intervention on the coherent structure of the ensemble, such that its harmony remains in tact. Using Kindermann's text, her composition allows for a permanent spatial modulation of the singers, whilst staying connected via acoustic set pieces, despite their actual spatial modulation. As the sound of the voices fills the volume of the museum, German choreographer Florian Fischer translates the themes of separation and connection into movements that play out over the entire exhibition space.

Ghent Singers:
Juliette Allen, Morgane Heyse, Marion Bauwens, Liza Dedapper, Jolien De Gendt /Soprano, Sonia Jacquelin, Paul Sojo Machado, Jonathan De Ceuster, Geoffrey Degives, Ivan Yohan, Hendrik Mispelon, Guillaume Huybrechts, Mark Trigg, Andrés Soler Castaño, Wouter Vande Ginste en Jan Moeyaert.

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